Tuesday, June 28, 2016
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  Arashi Hi - Tech Bio Power Pvt. Ltd.,  

Rated Capacity 2 X 750 kg/hr Gasifier Coupled To 5x250 kWe Producer Gas Engines
Services Grid Linked
Year of Installation 2002 (Dual –Fuel)
2004 (Gas Alone)
Application Independent Power Producer Linked To State Grid.
Feed Stock Coconut Shell & Prosopis Julifora.
Nominal Output 1000 kWe
Specific Biomass Consumotion 1.05 – 1.1 kg/kWh
Typical Duty Cycle 24 hr X 7 days In A Week
Plant Availability > 80%
Cumulative Run, hr 5500 (Dual-Fuel), 11,000 hr of Gas Engine Operation (Gas Alone)
Value Added Product Partial Activated Carbon ~ Iodine No. 450-500
Average hrs of Plant Operation 1540 (3 months)